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[Discussion] treat or TRICK?

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Posted on 10/16/13 7:15:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please someone convince me that these halloween events and updates are awesome. Because till now the more I see or do them, the more I am feeling like quitting the game at last after 1 year or so. Instead of getting a TREAT, we really got severely tricked this time. Day by day we are getting consolations in place of updates and new excitement. Game died long ago with its lack of fun part, now it is repelling coz of its only attractive parts of events and updates. So, I would really like to know others views on how they are enjoying this HALLOWEEN.... IGG congratulations....U are doing excellent job if u are looking forward to shut down the game for least that will end the endless complains and daily pain (that we call way of relaxing from our daily life) ;).......come on...wake prize for an entire event is EE III!!!!!........we get them daily and throw now.......

Posted on 10/17/13 8:56:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree the events for Halloween are pretty lame this year. Was really looking forward to something similar to last years with the Grimm Witch world boss. They could at least put the pumpkin head costumes back in the mall so new servers can get them. I suppose with two holiday events back-to-back though I can't complain too much.

Posted on 10/17/13 10:31:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This event is the same as last year's.  The only difference is some new quests and no free revenant for logging in and also bone king is not a world spawn boss its in an instanced dungeon.  Bone king being in an instance was actually suggested as a change from last year's events to make it more fair.  The only complaint i have with the change is the fact that bone king drops nothing now XD   Also another change is the evil mask will give celestial stones and you can enter the event multiple times per day if you farm enough treats...and entering gives more money reward than just selling them.   This is a perfect small event after having the blast of treats from the anni events.

Posted on 7/28/17 5:29:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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