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[Discussion] For Anomander, and others thinking im not 7*

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your Backpack is awful empty there Scrib, lol

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lol ern that's because I moved everything to WH. last thing I need is more people PMing me for things just wanted to show people I wasn't lying and had no reason to lie. yeah I'm only 7* but I did have a lot of help from friends and wheelin and dealin. just get tired of the same people talking nonsense when they don't even know what there talking about. they kind of like igg need ss of anything to believe it. this is more of an fu than a look at me.

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I wasn't lying and had no motivation to lie. no doubt I'm just 7* however I had a ton of assistance from companions and wheeling and dealing. simply become weary of similar individuals rambling when they don't hear what they're saying. they sort of like egg require ss of anything to trust it. this is a greater amount of a fu than a gander at me.

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