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[Help] How to tackle the Essay Exam Effectively

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Essays in the exams allow the students to demonstrate their critical, analytical, and descriptive skills.  The exemplification essay will expect the student to organize and present information that they are familiar with. It also allows them to come up with original thoughts and arguments to tackle a subject. 
Read the prompt and recognize the task word 
You should start by scrutinizing the essay prompt and identifying the task word or the directive. This will show you how you are going to present the information in the essay while talking about the subject. It will also make it clear what type of essay style you are going to follow in writing your essay.
Whereas, while writing the take-home essays you could always take help from a free essay writer, in the exam essays, the essay checklist is to be completed on your own within the allotted time: from planning the essay to editing it.

Some of the common prompt words asking the readers to produce critical writing, for example, are:
Evaluate, Criticize, Justify, etc.
You should also separate the subject matter and the subject limiting part that narrows it down through parameters. 
Brainstorm for ideas
Set aside a small portion of time to brainstorm for ideas and information about the essay. Use techniques such as mind maps to place the subject at the center and branch out subsequent ideas and sub-ideas from the main subject. You shouldn’t fret about doing the process in a neat fashion as this is not where you will be marked. 
The web of ideas and information will also help you realize the salient points, while also helping you find connections between the various ideas, examples, and other information.
Plan your essay
Since you don’t have the opportunity to research you will have to plan using just the mindmap and your know-how of the narrative essay
Try to answer the essay question or prompt in order to find the argument or ideas that together form an answer. The ideas will be further structured using the mind map and divided into various points. This way you will structure the essay from the main thesis statement to the ideas supporting it.
It is always helpful to make rough notes of the plan that you come up with, so you can take help from later on. And don’t forget to allot a rough time for the completion of each essay part in your essay plan. Without the time allocation, you might end up spending too much time on some and not so much on others.
All you have to do is to write the essay using the information and the plan.
While writing the introduction take your time to start with a good essay hook. The introduction shouldn’t be too long and must include your main thesis statement stating your answer to the prompt and how you are going to demonstrate it.
The body paragraph will have many paragraphs according to the number of claims or ideas you think you need to support your thesis with. Each idea or argument will be introduced at the start using a topic sentence. The evidence should be present and properly placed to back the argument, claim, or idea. Each body paragraph should be connected to the main thesis.
The conclusion should do no more than restating the thesis with several supporting claims. Here you tell the reader what you have communicated in the essay.
Keep time aside to edit your essay
You should be finished with your writing with a minimum of a quarter of an hour left. This should give you enough time to revise your essay for mistakes in structure and style. Here you can check for the logical flow of the essay as well as the correct placement of parts. You will also check for spelling mistakes, as well as mistakes in grammar and punctuation mistakes. If for some reason you plan to have an expert deal with your essays, you can always go for an essay writing service and take pro assistance.


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