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Posted on 6/29/20 7:40:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Analyzing the field of occupational safety and health, I paid much attention to the subject of personal choice and devotion. Without doubt, the importance of this occupation cannot be underestimated under any pretext since it plays an important role in today’s society and its significance is worth considering from different points of view. That is why, it requires additional evaluation in the context of my personal choice. Thus, I aim to present the major reasons for choosing this academic area of study, examine my own strengths that may influence the OSH profession, and underline the previous working experience that is relevant to this field.
Specifically, the occupational safety and health program pertains to the multidisciplinary category that deals with the well-being of people on a daily basis. The realization of such practice cannot be minimized because its goal is to assure the welfare of the population. In terms of the reasons for choosing this area of study, I admit that my personal beliefs and reflections correspond to the basic requirements of such profession. This factor has appeared to have an apparent impact on my future professional choice. You can use this topic as one of psychology research topics for college students.
Secondly, the next factor that has influence my choice lies in goals of occupational safety and health that representatives of this occupation are called to reach in ordinary practice. I firmly believe that my leading objective is to foster a safe and stable working environment for others. Remarkably, the OSH profession may provide such opportunities for me and create favorable prerequisites for the further development of personality.
Moreover, I am looking for providing a great number of services to people who strive for meeting the basic needs. In the context of general duties, I have a profound interest in maintaining public stability and peace. As a result, the problem of personal safety remains rather crucial for my world of perceptions and beliefs.
From my point of view, my personal dedication will assist during the fulfillment of working obligations. I am not afraid of taking additional responsibility because I feel rather excited about having such a valuable experience. Conventionally, I evaluate myself as a hard-working, punctual, and considerate person. These traits of character will help me to adapt to changing requirements of the modern community, react quickly and effectively, and adjust to challenging obstacles affecting the current state of things. As a result, these strengths will promote the formation of a proper image. To my mind, the outlined assets will assure the realization of my personal goal to ameliorate the present situation in the OSH profession and will contribute and enrich its realm.
Despite potential risks and threats that may emerge in the sphere of quotidian practice, I consider that the previous experience is worth mentioning in this case. Engaging in such activity has helped me gain precious information on the particularities of work in the dimension of occupational safety and health profession. From February 2010 until May 2010, I worked for City Lights in Saudi Arabia. My salary was around 1000 dollars per month. This experience made me envisage this job as a perfect opportunity for self-perfection. Every week, I attended safety meetings to increase the general awareness of this issue and broaden my personal understating of such discipline. As a result, I have developed a deep understanding of occupational safety and health practices, for example, ones related to the inspection of fire extinguishers, creation of audit checklists, and preparedness of emergency plans.
To conclude, it is essential to highlight that I treat this experience as a powerful instrumental tool that has assisted in developing my professional skills and augmenting the level of basic acquaintance with the OSH realm. Overall, it is worth remarking that I am open for further cooperation and ready to engage in practice dedicated to the promotion of public well-being and stability.