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[Help] How to Set Up a WiFi Extender?

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Posted on 4/8/20 7:45:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Your WiFi signal depends on several things, like where a wireless router is placed in your home. If your router is in a top corner office, for instance, you might find that you have a poor internet connection on the opposite side of your home in the basement.
Distance and obstacles often weaken your signal. As a device travels farther from a router, the WiFi signal is diminished. Objects, such as thick brick walls and floors, can also impact a signal’s strength greatly. 
If your wireless signal doesn’t work everywhere you want it to, you may try to relocate the router. However, if the router can’t be moved or relocation isn’t helpful, you can likely benefit from an extender. 
Extenders connect with existing WiFi networks. Once connected, an extender can serve as a connection point for a device that’s out of range. Essentially, an extender connects to the router’s WiFi signal and then transmits its own signal. In other words, when a device is outside of a router’s normal WiFi range, an extender can help connect the device to the router. 
There are a few things you need to know before using an extender.
First, it should be placed in a central location. It needs to be close enough to the router to get a strong signal and far enough away that it broadcasts its own signal into the desired area. Also keep in mind that the wireless router and the extender will have different names, also called SSIDs.
To make sure you’re using the most powerful signal, you will need to know what SSID you want to connect with. If you are having any kind of difficulty installing, using or troubleshooting your home’s WiFi, strongly consider reaching out to HelpCloud Technicians for remote support to help resolve the issue.
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