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[Help] Step by step instructions to setup Bellsouth mail on Iphone XR

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Posted on 10/11/18 8:02:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


[justify]1.   Open ‘Settings’ app and click on ‘Mail, contacts and calendars’ section. You will find this option on the top of the list.[/justify]
[justify]2.   Click on ‘Add an account’ under ‘Account’ heading.[/justify]
[justify]3.   You have to select ‘Other’ from the next page for the name of mail service provider.[/justify]
[justify]4.   Tap to add Bellsouth mail.[/justify]
[justify]5.   Enter your Bellsouth mail address and password. Before entering the mail address and password, you must confirm that your mail is in working condition. If you are new to Bellsouth, then first create and account, then add the email address and password of the same.[/justify]
[justify]6.   You are now required to enter the server details in the given fields. Here, we want to mention you that all the details will be entered according to the AT&T server details as Bellsouth is subsidiary of AT&T Company.[/justify]
[justify]7.   In the incoming mail field, you have to enter and in the host and customer ID field, enter the email address and username. Here, the username is your Bellsouth custID. [/justify]
[justify]8.   Enter password in the next field. You must enter the password carefully. As any invalid entry may block your account for 24 hours. You will have to wait for 24 hours in such condition. You can’t even read the mails during this time period.[/justify]
[justify]9.   Tap ‘Next’ to verify mail settings from your Bellsouth server. You need to wait for some time.[/justify]
[justify]10.You can change mail settings anytime as per your convenience. If you want to see how the incoming and outgoing mail will appear on the mail, then go to ‘Settings’. From here, go to Bellsouth and open settings and preferences. Here, you will find options related to How frequently your phone will check for new mail and how to receive new mail notification. You can sync the mail on multiple devices at the same time. If you want to take back up of your messages or conversation, then set the frequency after which the mail will take backup.[/justify]


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