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If you want to try to curl in different ways, then you are in the right place! Meetu hair is here to provide you with the perfect curly hair scheme, you will fall in love with this hairstyle tutorial. As we all know, most women prefer to wear wavy curly hair weave - whether it is loose Victoria's secret inspiration wave or tight curly hair. If you really like it and always try new ways, this article can help you achieve the curls you want in a variety of ways. The surprise is coming!

Before curling your hair, let's take a look at the tool for curling hair – Straightener.
“The straighteners are fast and long-lasting,” a fact recognized by many hairstylists. The straighteners curl hair more leisurely and conveniently than traditional curlers, and the straighten effect is longer, which is more suitable for forming tight round curls.

Straightener are versatile. You can use a straightener to achieve a variety of curly hairstyles. Share the two ways of curling today.

Classic curl
As one of the simplest curls to date, classic curl is favorite kinky curly weave type for most women! First place the hair flat around the curling bucket, making sure there are no gaps between the hairs. Then release the curl into the palm and let it stay in shape for a few seconds. In this way, a very classic curly hair comes out - perfect for a dance party.

Natural curl
This natural curl is also a favorite of many women. Its curling steps are similar to classic curling. You just grab a piece of cheap hair bundles, wrap the top away from the barrel and hold it for a few seconds, then curl a portion of the hair from the face and the other side toward the face, creating a multi-directional natural curl. Finally, release the curls into the palm of your hand, let it rest for a few seconds, then release completely.

Are you excited about it? Try to change yourself with a curly hairstyle now! You will get unexpected surprises.