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[Help] Purchase and Win Event Ended on 3-6-16

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Posted on 3/12/16 7:58:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So why is it a problem to get paid the grand prize when you win?  I see from others in the past there seams to be a pattern. I Submitted a ticket on the 7th when i realized it wasn't coming as expected in the time frame ect.. It is now the 12th and its still "Processing" ? I have followed up with 3 complaints and or inquires since with no reply but to say "We will answer on your previous ticket" Its a bit disheartening to play for so long spend plenty of money overtime and feel so let down by how there customer service is so unhelpful, i'm sure you are all making plenty of money at IGG, you certainly now how to take it. So why such a holdup? Shameful.

Posted on 3/13/16 9:17:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i went through the same issue with tickets, I have come to the conclusion that IGG lives on a different planet where there 7 days is equal to our month, lol

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