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[Help] A Lil'help to a foreigner?

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Posted on 5/20/15 8:07:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello Everybody,
I'm Cantarzo, from WODPT(Wings of Destiny Portugese server), which has received the sad news that it will be shut down on June 20th.(NOTE)
However, there are some parts of this post that remained unclear, I've sent a ticket at support center but I do not have the Time to wait till some kind soul pass its eyes over its troublesome matter... else the server will end and I'll be Left for dead...

This is the Article, translated, obviously:

"Wings of Destiny (~Asas do Destino~) is a online game produced by IGG, launched in portugese on 2012, it was once a popular game, with lots of fascinating creature and armors. WOD in portugese has brought fun to its players on these last two years*. It is sad that we announce the Server Shut Down.
  IGG will suspend the services related to game on May 21st. The server itself, will be shut down on June 20th. Until then, players will still be able to log-in, and spend their Virtual Money. IGG will still offer Customer Service until the last day of the game.

Below you will see the detailed schedule with the information needed:

May 21st, 2015: All sales will be terminated. Players will still be able to spend the Virtual Cash acquired untill may 20th.
Jone 20th, 2015: Server will be shut down.

If you desire to keep on playing WOD, we recomend you to create a New Character on the  Spanish Server. If you desire to 'TRANSFER'¹ your account, we will be giving out packs based on the VIP Level of the account in portugese.

The Gift Packs are:

VIP 1-3: (value) Cash + X Monte + X Grade S Pets + X Grade S Cartões 
VIP 4-7: 2(value) Cash + Y Monte + Y Grade S Pets + Y Grade S Cartões 
VIP 8-10: 4(value) Cash + Z Monte + Z Grade S Pets + Z Grade S Cartões 

Once transfered to WOD-Spanish. The players in portugese must follow these steps to be able to get the Gift Packs:
1. Players must use the IGG ID (from WOD-PT) to log-in on the WOD-ES and create a character on server 63, else they wont be able to claim the pack.
2. Each IGG ID can receive only ONE pack.
3. From June 21st till July 21st, players will be allowed to log in on this page ( to receive the pack. Once past the time due, the offer will no longer be UP and you wont be able to claim the pack.
4. The Pack will be given in Parts for the players.

And Finally, IGG would like to thank all of the players from the Portugese Server and the Fans. We Still do count on your support to IGG Games!"

The Transfer - How will it work? Will it keep my level/Base Stats/Goddess Cruor Upgrades/VIP/progress?? or even better, will my accont be transfered WHOLE to the Spanish server? without much loss??

The info about the END and how to start all over from scrap is well explained, however the TRANSFER is just there as if it was something common to happen, or that IGG gave that transfer option since the beginning, and that it was a Perfect Copy data from a different server to paste on another.

Is there anyone that can Help me? The Clock is Ticking...

It is just NEVER enough!
Posted on 5/21/15 12:16:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Really don't know to be honest. Offering a 'Transfer' would/should suggest a transfer of your complete account, including characters and all...but it is IGG afterall ..who can tell?

Guess all you can do is make a character on WOD-ES server 63 and see what happens.

In the meantime...send a ticket to support and see if they can explain the process better...

Posted on 5/21/15 4:11:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Based on what they did on WOD-VN(If im not mistaken), they(players) made a new character on WOD-pH then the team gave them the items... No "Transferring" of toons happened(tho i wasnt sure if they actually offered it that time.)

Posted on 5/21/15 8:29:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you for clearing my mind over the "transfer" meaning by IGGs (hahaha)
Well you see, I`ll be really pissed off if my char is not transfered whole to WODES... But in the end, what can I do? "nothing" but wait.
I mean, I could sue them, and try fixing it on the hard way. However it is an Online Web Game, so no real "Live or die" matter. It is just sad... and frustrating.*

It is just NEVER enough!
Posted on 10/5/18 3:03:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Posted on 4/4/20 4:38:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It was sad and frustrating for me when IGG closing the Portuguese Server. Your explanation clears my all concept regarding transferring the account. Now, I'm playing Wings of Destiny in other servers as this server is more reliable as beginner resume writing. While I still prefer the Portuguese server for WOD.