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[News] Game Updates [Oct 24]

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Posted on 10/23/14 10:32:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear players! We will be holding a scheduled maintenance from 01:00AM - 05:00AM on Oct 24 (GMT-5). During this time, you will not be able to log in to the game. Tons of great new features and updates are just moments away. Stay tuned!
All characters will receive a system rebate of 2,000 vouchers after this maintenance!

[Halloween] Event Open
1. Team Dungeon. Travel to [Twilight Wasteland] by speaking with the Halloween Messenger. Defeat all the enemies to get a [Halloween Gift]. Open the gift for chance to get Tanzanite, Mall items, a Voucher bag, and one [Halloween Treat]. You may enter the dungeon three times each day. Your STAR level does not affect the number of times you may enter.
2. Solo dungeon. You may enter [Halloween Fantasy] once for free each day. (Speak to the Halloween Messenger [183, 82] at Forrester City to gain entry.) Defeat BOSS Evil Mask for a chance to get Tanzanite, Equipment Essence II, Equipment Essence III, Lucky Rune, Mount Catalyst, EXP Rune, Pet HP Elixir, Pet Stamina Crystal, Wing Tips, Guild Supplies, Card Box C, and Celestial Stone (drops are random).
3. Defeat monsters of the same level as you for a chance to get Halloween Treats. Treats are used to complete event quests. They may also be exchanged for entry to [Halloween Fantasy].
4. During the event, you may complete the requests of NPCs to receive Bags of Coins and EXP Scrolls.


You can use new Grade SS Souls to power up your character! Get Grade SS Souls by drawing Souls or redeeming Vouchers.

Class: Crusader
Lvl: 116
Guild leader of [S6]FrostGuardian
HT: 150