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[News] Dragon Treasure Cove [Sep 2 - 3]

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Posted on 9/2/14 1:32:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

In the distant past, a mighty empire was destroyed by a vicious dragon, claiming its riches for itself. Ages later, as the dragon was dying, it used the last of its strength to bury the treasure inside a deep cove. Over a century has passed since it perished and at last explorers have determined the location of the dragon's hoard. The first adventurers to reach it will surely claim it all!
[p=18, null, left]Event Period:  Sep 2 - 3 SERVER TIME (GMT -5)

[p=18, null, left]>>> Join Now!

[p=18, null, left]Event Rules:

[p=18, null, left]Purchase 32 Cash (excludes bonus Cash) to earn 1 Stamina point. YOu can also can click the "Login Reward" button to claim 2 free Stamina points each day during the event. Use your Stamina points to search and dig for treasure!

[p=18, null, left]Step 1  Detect

[p=18, null, left]There are three grades of Detectors: A, AA, and AAA. Different detectors yield different rewards. More Stamina points are required to use the higher grade detectors.

[p=18, null, left]Step 2  Dig

[p=18, null, left]After Detecting, players will need to spend Stamina points to dig up what they detected!

[p=18, null, left]NOTE: You can't Detect or Dig if you don't have enough Stamina points. The amount of treasure remaining will be reduced for every successful dig amongst all players. That's right; you're competing with each other!  All Cash won during the event will be sent to the winners’ accounts 72 hours after the event ends.

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