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[News] Dig that Treasure! [Sep 2 - 4]

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Posted on 9/2/14 1:29:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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[p=18, null, left]Event Duration:

[p=18, null, left]Sep 2 - 4 Server Time (GMT -5)

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Event Rules:

1. Each Dig costs 100 Coupons.
2. There are 20 plowed squares on the Event Page. Each time you select a square, you'll dig for treasure. Each square can only be dug up once, but you can click the "Reset" button on the page to reset the squares after you have dug up all 20.
3. Every time you Reset the squares, you'll win Knight Crystal*5, Luxos Pet Egg (E)*2, 7-star Fedora*1 or 100 Coupon*5!


1. Event items and rewards are nontransferable. They will be mailed to you within 10 minutes of being won. You can only have 50 messages in your mailbox at any given time, so be sure you have enough space to prevent any unnecessary losses!
2. The Wings of Destiny team reserves all rights as to the final interpretations of this event.

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