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[News] Mount Satchel Giveaway! [Sep 1 - 7]

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Posted on 9/1/14 10:26:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

[p=18, null, left]Event Time:

[p=18, null, left]Sep 1 - 7 Server Time (GMT -5)

[p=18, null, left]Join Now!

[p=18, null, left]Elite Mount Satchel Giveaway!

[p=18, null, left]Purchase 2000+ Cash (Exclude Bonus Cash) during the event to claim one of following rewards for FREE! (Each account can be entitled to this event five times.)

[p=18, null, left]Rewards List:

Nurix Satchel (E)*10
Necia Satchel (E)*10
Anpheolia Satchel (E)*10
Pyranine Satchel*10
Gaius Pet Egg*10
Dirge Pet Egg*10
Goddess Cruor*2

[p=18, null, left]Note:

[p=18, null, left]1. Event items claimed in the page will be mailed to you within 10 minutes of being won. You can only have 50 messages in your mailbox at any given time, so, be sure to clear some space to prevent any unnecessary losses!

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