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[News] Tons of Treasure [Sep 1 - 3]

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Posted on 9/1/14 10:26:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

[p=18, null, left]Event Duration: Sep 1 - 3 Server Time (GMT-5)

[p=18, null, left]Join Now!

1.Spend 100 Coupons to unlock a Mystical Chest. You could win Gold Pennies and Energy Points!

NOTE: Coupons can be bought in the Mall - 100 Cash can be exchanged for 100 Coupons.

2.Spend 100 Energy Points to try to unlock a bigger Mystical Chest! The chance of the Chest opening will be shown in the ( ). Gold Bars will only appear in bigger Mystical Chests!
3. Collect Gold Pennies and Gold Bars to claim valuable prizes.
4. All Gold Pennies and Gold Bars will be forfeited when the event ends, so don't forget to claim your prizes as soon as possible!

NOTE:  All prizes will be delivered to the in-game mailbox of the specified character. If the mailbox is full, the prizes and items won't be delivered. Remember, your mail can only be kept for up to 10 days. All mail will be deleted 10 days after it's been received. The Wings of Destiny team will not make any compensation to players who lose their prizes in this way.

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