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Event Duration:
Sep 1 Server Time (GMT-5)

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Event Rules:
1. There will be a total of 18 Chests, and every chest will require 100 Coupons to open. Open a chest to win a prize (win) or uncover a mine (lose).
2. Chests will be separated into 4 levels. Higher levels contain better prizes. For every chest opened that do not contain a mine, you'll advance one level.
3. Mine blocks: Mines will be hidden in chests on levels 2, 3, and 4. If you open a chest containing a mine, your game will restart at Level 1.
4. Every participating player will receive an Angel's Blessing. Every 7th chest opened is free. E.g. 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, etc. Free chances will be shown under player's info at the side.


Prizes from chests will be sent within 10 minutes to player's mail. Insufficient space in your mailbox will result in a failure to receive the item and such items will not be replaced. Make sure you have sufficient mailbox space.

Rewards List:



5-Star Mirusla*1

Goddess Cruor*10

Card Box S *10



Gaius Pet Egg*5

Wave Surge III*1

Replenish Pack*3

Exp Scroll IV*15

Simian Satchel*10

Tremor III*1

Earth Guard III*1

Card Box Random*8

Gold Chest*5

Emralos Satchel (E)*3

Necia Satchel*10

Fienix Satchel (E)*3

Sacred Stone*10

Gold Chest*8

Transmutation Stone III*3

Queen Spider*1

4-star Revenant*1

4-star Arctos*1

Simian Satchel*10

Anubis Super Egg*10



Runestone Pack*2

EXP Rune III*10

Luxos Pet Egg (E)*5

Exp Scroll V*3

Pet Stone II*3

MP Elixir IV*2

HP Elixir IV*2

Dragon Essence*1

Elemental Pack*1

Equipment Essence IV*3

Lv 3 Lucky Rune*1

Guardian Fragment*1

Holy Yak Satchel*5

Exquisite Key*1

Glory Scroll(100)*2

Knight Crystal*15

Emralos Satchel (E)*3

Lv 3 Lucky Rune*2

Bio Potion III*1

Blessing Soul 1,000*1

Fienix Satchel*5


Bio Potion I*2

Replenish Pack*1

Ebonios Satchel (E)*1

Lv 3 Lucky Rune*2

Gold Chest*2

Exp Scroll V*2

Glory Scroll(100)*2

Guild Supplies*8

Lv 6 Pet HP Potion*1

Soul Credit Scroll (500)*1

Transmutation Stone III*2

Card Box Random*3

Eye of Enlightenment*2

Slot Point Scroll (100)*4

Soul Credit Scroll (100)*4

Transmutation Stone III*3

Mystic Potion*3

Shunkan Satchel (E)*2

Freedom Potion*3

Berserker Potion*3

Luxos Pet Egg (E)*2

Anubis Pet Egg*5

Ankerrui Pet Egg*5

Mirusla Pet Egg*5

Class: Crusader
Lvl: 116
Guild leader of [S6]FrostGuardian
HT: 150