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[News] Mix ‘n’ Match Event! [Aug 29 - 31]

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Posted on 8/29/14 9:12:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Event Duration:Aug 29 - 31 Server Time (GMT -5)

Event Rules

There are three different sets of rewards: A, B and C. Players who buy a total of more than 2999 Cash (not including bonus Cash!) during the event period can choose one reward from each set.

Rewards from Set A
1) Storm Assault V*1
2) Vengeance V*1
3) Earth Guard V*1

Rewards from Set B
1) 6-star Kringle*1
2) 6-star Fedora*1
3) 6-star Genie*1

Rewards from Set C
1) Nurix Satchel *20
2) Necia Satchel *20
3) Orind Satchel *20

The page for players to choose their rewards will go live 3 days after the event ends. This prize may only be claimed once per account, so choose carefully!

For example, if a player meets the 2999 Cash requirement during the event, they can choose Storm Assault V*1, 6-star Fedora*1 and  Orind Satchel *20 as rewards.

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