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[News] Free Shopping Spree! [Aug 14 - 17]

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Posted on 8/15/14 7:43:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

        Want to boost your character’s powers? Now’s the time to make an investment where we’ll foot the bill! During the event, spend Cash on our premium feature to make your character stronger than ever! In return, you might win back all the Cash you spent for the event and more! There is no limit so don’t miss out on the investment of a lifetime!
        Event Time:  Aug 14 - 17 Server Time (GMT-5)
        Any players that spend a total 1,500+ Cash on the Lucky Roulette feature during the event will be entered into a Patron Draw.
        30 lucky players will be picked randomly to win a full rebate on any Cash spent on that feature during the event.

        Note for Winners: All prizes and Cash rewards will be sent before Aug 18.




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