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[News] Every purchase + 450% MORE! [Aug 15 - 17]

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                        Event Duration
                                                        Aug 15 - 17 ONLY Server Time (GMT-5)
                                                        Bonus I: Instant win up to a 450% Cash Bonus




                                                                   Cash Bonus 1                                                                                                           Get an additional 450% MORE Cash!
                                                                                         Purchase any amount of Cash during the event period through any payment method and receive 450% more cash from your original purchase!
                                                                                       For example, if you bought 5,000 Cash (excluding the Bonus Cash) during the event period, you’ll get 22,500 additional bonus Cash for a grand total of 27,500 - IMMEDIATELY!!!
                                                                        Cash Bonus 2Every 1,000 Cash purchased (excluding the Bonus Cash) during the event entitles you to claim a reward absolutely FREE! There's only 24 hours for you to enjoy this fantastic value, so act now before it's too late! (see list of rewards below)
But that's not all! Purchase ANY amount of Cash from the official WOD website using VISA, MasterCard or SKRILL for Additional 25% Cash Bonus!


                                                Bonus II: Claim ALL the Rewards!


Every 1,000 Cash bought (excluding bonus Cash) during the event allows you to claim a reward absolutely free! (See the list of rewards below.)
CASH BONUS 3 Rewards list: (Every 1,000 Cash purchased)

Goddess Cruor*1
Exquisite Key*8
Refined Key*12
Normal Key*20
Biragon Satchel (E)*2
Warlion Satchel*6
Kinryu Satchel*6
Jabberwock Pet Egg*6
Lv 70 Materials Bag*15
Lv 60 Materials Bag*20
Valentine Costume [Priest]
Valentine Costume [Mage]
Valentine Costume [Hunter]
Valentine Costume [Knight]
10 Million Coins
Card Box A*3
War Elephant Satchel*6
Lucky Draw Coupon*40
Equipment Essence IV*4


Event Prize Disbursement Schedule:

Event items claimed will be mailed to you within 10 minutes of being won. You can only have 50 messages in your mailbox at any given time, so, be sure to clear some space to prevent any unnecessary losses!



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