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[News] Get Lucky [Aug 1 - 3]

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Posted on 8/1/14 6:44:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Event rules

Event Duration

Aug 1 - 3 Only Server Time (GMT -5)

Event Details

I. Buy coupons from the Mall by going to the "Hot" tab and selecting Daily Use. Click ‘Coupon’ to buy them and then click 'Use' when they’re in your Bag.

II. Once you have Coupons, you can go back to the event page and buy a discounted package of your choice. Every package you purchase gives you 1 chance at the Lucky Draw to get a bonus reward! You could even win the top rewards!

Top Rewards

Items Names
Goddess Cruor*10
9-star Fedora*1


1. Only Coupons can be used to purchase event items. Coupons can only be bought in the Mall. 100 Cash can be exchanged for 100 Coupons.

2. Event items and the rewards yielded are bound to your character, and will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 10 minutes of being won. You can only have 50 messages in your mailbox at any given time, so be sure to clear some space to prevent any unnecessary losses!

The Wings of Destiny team reserves all rights as to the final interpretations of this event.


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