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[News] Pot o’ Gold Event[Aug 1 - 3]

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Posted on 8/1/14 6:17:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

[p=18, null, left]There be prizes a-plenty to be won this Weekend, so don't miss out!

[p=18, null, left]Event Duration: Aug 1 - 3 Server Time (GMT -5)

[p=18, null, left]Buy at least 1 Cash during the event to be eligible to claim bonus Cash from a pool of 2,000,000!

[p=18, null, left] if 1000 players make a purchase, they’ll split 2,000,000 Cash and win 2,000 Cash each!

[p=18, null, left]NOTE: The final amount received by each player will be determined by the total number of participants after the event ends. Rewards will be sent out on Aug 4.


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