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[News] Gumballs of Destiny [Jul 31 - Aug 2]

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Posted on 7/31/14 1:22:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Event Rules

CombinationRewards(Win one of these prizes)

Blue Blood IV*1

Faith Pike IV*1

7-Star Jabberwock*1

1-Star Panzer*1

7-star Arctos*1

7-star Kringle*1


(4-Star) Morphin*1

4-Star Mirusla*1

Evil Scheme I*1

Faith Pike II*1

9-Star Rayden*1

Fienix Satchel*3

Soul Credit Scroll (1000)*3

Gold Chest*5

Gem Satchel IV*1

Blessing Soul 5,000*1


7-star Chuckie*1

4-star Revenant*1

Transmutation Stone III*50

Celestial Stone*50

Wave Surge IV*1

Blue Blood III*1

Ebonios Satchel*3

Equipment Essence IV*3

Dragon Essence*1

Transmutation Stone II*5

Transmutation Stone III*3

Celestial Stone*10

Knight Crystal*5

Guardian Fragment*1

Lv 4 Lucky Rune*1

Pet Stone I*1

Pet Stone II*1

Bio Potion III*3

Exquisite Key*5

Gold Chest*3

Blessing Soul 1,000*2

EXP Scroll VI*5

Slot Point Scroll (1000)*1

Replenish Pack*1

Gem Satchel I*1

Gem Satchel II*1

Gem Satchel III*1

Card Box B*3

Card Box A*2

Mount Catalyst*2

Warlion Satchel*3

Audacia Pet Egg*3

Fedora Pet Egg*3

Steatoda Pet Egg*3

Genie Pet Egg*3

Azurblauen Satchel*3

Stark Pet Egg*3

Holy Yak Satchel*3

Shunkan Satchel*3

Garuda Pet Egg*3

Morphin Pet Egg*3

Event Period:

Jul 31 - Aug 2 Server Time (GMT-5)

Event Rules:

1. Each turn of the Gumball Machine Crank costs 100 Coupons.
2. Log-in to the Gumballs of Destiny event page and click the button to obtain a random reward.
3. You can win additional prizes by taking part in the Gumball Glutton competition!  After event ends, top 5 players in Rich List, from Aug 3 - 4, are eligible to redeem an additional prize.

Prize list:




Dragon Core*1


Goddess Cruor*50


Musou Warcry IV*1


4-Star Stark*1


Storm Assault V*1

Click this button to get the additional prizes. (The Button will appear after the event ends.)

Click the Gumball History to review your daily records.

Note: Your rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox.Your in-game mailbox can hold a maximum of 50 messages. Make sure you have enough space in your mailbox before participating in the event. Please avoid playing the event if the game is undergoing maintenance.


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