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[News] Tarot [Jul 29 - 30]

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Posted on 7/29/14 10:34:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Event Rules

Mysterious fortune tellers have been spotted in Galensya. They claim that they have come to find the hero fated to inherit their treasure. Get a tarot reading and you might just collect the magical combination to unlock their secrets and riches!

Event Period
Jul 29 - 30 (Server Time: GMT -5)

Grand Prize
Prophecy V*1
7-Star Luxos*1
7-Star Flameras*1
Dragon Core*1
Gold Chest*40

Event Rules
1. Each draw of a tarot card costs 100 Coupons.
2. When the player draws a tarot card, the reward will be revealed along with a random letter.
3. Each letter can be used only once. If a word has two or more identical letters, you will need multiple copies of those letters. For example, you will need one “F,” one “R,” and two “E's” for the word “Free.”
4. When a prize is claimed, the lit-up letters will be discarded.
5. Please be sure to claim the prizes as soon as you can as all letters will be discarded when the event ends.
6. Rewards for this event are non-transferrable.
7. Your mailbox can only store 50 messages. The WOD Development Team is not responsible for rewards lost due to full inboxes.


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