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[News] Jackpot [Jul 28 - 29]

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Grand Prize(Redeem one of these prizes): 9-star Kringle*1,9-star Clare Voyance*1,Lv 5 Lucky Rune*3,Card Box A*20,Gem Satchel III*2

2nd Prize(Redeem one of these prizes): Exp Scroll V*2,Blessing Soul 5000*10,8 million Coins,Card Box A*20,Transmutation Stone II*50,Transmutation Stone III*30,Knight Crystal*20

3rd Prize(Redeem one of these prizes): Exp Scroll IV*2,Lv 3 Lucky Rune*2,Bio Potion III*2,Glory Scroll 1000*1,Blessing Soul 1200*1,Card Box A*3,Card Box B*6

4th Prize(Redeem one of these prizes): Eye of Enlightenment*3,Lv 1 Lucky Rune*10,Exquisite Key*3,Equipment Essence IV*3,Guardian Fragment*1,Replenish Pack*2

Spin Again5th Prize:  You’ve got one more chance to pull!
Other than the shown combinations aboveConsolation Prize(Redeem one of these prizes): HP Elixir IV*2,MP Elixir IV*2,EXP Rune III*8,Wing Tips*30,Blessing Soul 100*2,Guild Supplies*2,Lv 1 Lucky Rune*2,Normal Key*3,Refined Key*2,Exquisite Key*

Event Rules

Event Period:

Jul 28 - 29 Server Time (GMT-5)

Event Details:

1. How can I win the WOD Jackpot?
Each pull of the WOD Jackpot costs 100 Coupons. Coupons can be bought in the Mall - 100 Cash can be exchanged for 100 Coupons. If you hit the Jackpot, you get to choose the prize you want from the corresponding category.

Click "Pull" to start spinning for your prizes! If you’re lucky enough to win a prize, a pop-up will let you know. Click "Redeem" to select one item from the available options as a reward. Event items and the rewards yielded are bound to your character, and will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 10 minutes of being won. You can only hold 50 messages in your mailbox at any given time, so be sure to clear some space to prevent any unnecessary losses!

2. Fill the Power Bar to Multiply Your Winnings!

We’re adding a new Power Bar feature with this edition of WOD Jackpot. Each time you make a Jackpot pull, the Power Bar fills up by 10%. At 100%, the Power Bar triggers for the next pull, multiplying your prizes by up to 4 times!

All terms and conditions for this event are subject to interpretation by IGG.


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