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[News] Lucky Pick [Jul 28 - 29]

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Posted on 7/29/14 10:26:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Event Duration:
Jul 28 - 29 Only Server Time (GMT -5)

Event Rules:
1. During the event, every player will automatically receive 3 free chances for the Lucky Pick.
2. Players that buy Cash will get more chances to join the Lucky Pick. For every 500 Cash bought, you’ll get 5 more Lucky Pick chances.
3. Players that buy a total of 20,000 Cash during the event will receive an additional 100 Lucky Pick chances! This prize may only be claimed once per account.
4. The event page will refresh every 24 hours. You will not get more free chances when the event page refreshes.
5. Every Lucky Pick uses up one chance. Players may spend as many picks as they like in each round until all the prizes have been refreshed or they run out of picks.
6. Prizes will be refreshed every 24 hours. Players must wait 5 minutes after the beginning of each round before they can use their Lucky Picks again.

Special: Blessings
There’s a chance to win special Blessings during the Lucky Pick! If you get a special Anniversary Blessing during the Lucky Pick, you’ll win all the prizes for that round!

Note: Any remaining Lucky Picks will expire after the event ends and will not be refunded or available for future events.


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