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[Off-Topic] Jazz Internet Packages

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Posted on 1/13/21 6:12:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Find the best Jazz Internet Packages on this page. Altogether, there are monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly Mobilink Internet Packages in total. The Jazz Internet packages are updated every month of the Year 2021.
Jazz internet Packages can be used with Warid and Mobilink network sims.

FREE Facebook on Jazz
Mobilink internet customers can now enjoy free Facebook on Jazz that does not consume 3g data. Users can switch between Free and Data versions of Facebook with a single tap. All you have to do is flick the toggle at the top of your Facebook feed.
While browsing Facebook on your mobile phone, you will have the option to use Facebook without getting charged for data.
Simply open the Facebook application on your android phone or visit the Facebook website to enjoy Facebook for free.
There will be a toggle on the top of your app to switch between Data and Free mode. In Free mode, you will be able to scroll through your timeline, post a textual status update, chat, comment on the status, and share a post without any data charge. Note: Users will not be able to see images and videos or upload a picture or video.
Jazz 4G internet service had been awarded as the fastest mobile internet service in Pakistan. The company also has reasonable coverage across the country. Jazz is the sub-brand of Mobilink which acquired Warid recently. In fact, Mobilink has the largest share in the mobile telecom market.

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