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[Off-Topic] Mexico Marketing Calendar 2020: plan your marketing actions

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A 2020 Mexico Marketing calendar is essential to prepare for the social events that dominate the conversation on the networks. Therefore, it is always good to have a 2020 marketing calendar for Mexico, if you have to carry out the planning and execution of positioning campaigns in this country.
It is, perhaps, the only way to be able to design and plan a strategy in advance and thus guarantee the success of your campaign , focused.
This calendar will be very useful, as it will allow you to anticipate the strategy to be carried out. And that without missing any important date that you can benefit from. So write down the ephemeris that are compiled in this 2020 Mexico Marketing Calendar:
1.- January 2020

1: Western New Year. January 1 is the first day of the year on the Gregorian calendar. There are 365, or technically 366 days left to end the year. In the world there are several events that occurred on this date. One of the most momentous for Mexicans is the celebration of the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. It is the most popular annual parade in the United States, held every New Year's Day.
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6: Three Kings Day / Epiphany of the Lord. This Catholic tradition reached the Aztec territory after the conquest and was maintained during the viceroyalty. Although little by little it acquired local characteristics that modified it and gave rise to popular practices. Among them, the construction of nativity scenes, breaking the thread and sending a letter to the Magi.
6: Day of the nurse in Mexico. Eight out of ten people who are dedicated to nursing in Mexico are women. However, the number of men who are interested in this important work in our society is increasing. On January 6, Nurse's Day is celebrated in Mexico as a tribute to those who improve the quality of life of patients.
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7: Start of Sales. The winter sales usually always start after the Kings Campaign. Most of them usually last about two months, ending just when spring begins in March. Then we will have to wait until summer to enjoy these advantages again.
A very musical month in Mexico
7: Juan Gabriel Day. The commemoration is born in Parácuaro, the small town in the state of Michoacán where the “Divo de Juárez” was born, who have officially declared that January 7 will be Juan Gabriel's Day. It was on that date that the Mexican singer came to the world in 1950.
15: Day of the Mexican composer. On January 15, Composer's Day is celebrated. The celebration has been held since 1965. But it was not until 1983 when the recognition of composers was formalized, promoted by the Society of Authors and Composers of Music (SACM). The objective was to commemorate the creation of the Mexican Union of Authors, Composers and Editors of Music (SMACEM).
As an antecedent, it is worth mentioning that in the Aztec society of ancient Mexico, the Ometochitl was the first composer of the hymns that were sung at festivals. In Mexico, on this day, the inspiration, creativity and work of Mexican composers is recognized.
20: Blue Monday.
25: Chinese New Year. Chinese traditions mark that the beginning of the New Year for the Asian giant begins in late January and early February. That is, with the second new moon of the winter solstice and not after January 1 as in most countries in the world. This year it started on January 25.
Also known as the " Spring Festival ", which various countries around the world have joined to celebrate. For 2020, the animal that represents this year in the Chinese horoscope is the Metal Rat, which corresponds to the first sign of the cycle that lasts 12 years and symbolizes abundance and prosperity.
More ephemeris in January in Mexico's 2020 marketing calendar
25: Day of the Biologist in Mexico. The celebration of Biologist's Day was established by the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico (IPN) in 1961. In this act hundreds of biologists decided to create the College of Biologists of Mexico to protect the union and the activity. As well as the creation of a day in which the functions carried out by these professionals are remembered.
In Mexico there are approximately 100,000 biologists, of which more than half are dedicated to teaching and research. That is why you should not overlook this day in your 2020 Mexico marketing calendar.
27: Community Manager Day. Social networks are on the rise and are becoming increasingly important. For this reason, the work of the Community Manager is increasingly demanded and recognized in companies. Her day is commemorated on the fourth Monday of the first month of the year.
28: Data Protection Day  . It is a special day given the legislation. A good time to  clean your databases  with a specific campaign.
2.- February 2020

2: Superbowl. It is a remarkable event since it is the most important day for advertising in the United States. In this way, companies invest a large amount of money in it as viewers reach 100 million.
3: Constitution Day (Mexico). Determined thanks to the Federal Labor Law, supported by article 74 that evaluates days of rest, Monday, February 3, is a mandatory non-working date so as not to affect the working day.
4: World Cancer Day. Your company must join the fight against this disease. It is a good time to send emails to your subscribers and try to make them aware of the importance it has. Or how your organization collaborates in social and clinical research on cancer.
5: Day of the Constitution of Mexico. It is the commemoration of the 103rd anniversary of the promulgation of the Mexican Constitution of 1917, which is still in force.
Valentine's Day and Singles Day together
9: Oscars Day.
13: Singles Day. This date also called GuanggunJie began to be celebrated in China since 1993 as a proposal from the University of Nanking. The initial goal was to see the fact of not having a partner from a positive perspective.
In Mexico, the celebration is supposed to take place on February 13, the day before the popular Valentine's Day. Although it has not had a great boost or impact like in China, a country in which the sense of celebrating it is much greater than in Mexico. But it's always interesting to keep these dates in mind in a 2020 Mexico marketing calendar.
14: Valentine's Day. This day is very important for all companies, " Love was invented by marketing " reads a premise since sales increase because it is a day of giving and booking in restaurants.
22-25: Carnivals. Essential for companies dedicated to tourism, the sale of makeup, costumes, event production and dance academies.
3.- March 2020

8: International Women's Day. It is a good day to improve the social responsibility of your company. Forbes recently noted that, on average across the entire G7, women make up just 30% of the tech workforce.
15: World Consumer Rights Day. It is a date where the rights of consumers are defended. It is required that there be respect for them and that they are not abused by the market. A good strategy for this day is to tell about how your communication with your users has made you grow as a brand.
17: St. Patrick's Day (St. Patrick's Day).
19: Birth of Benito Juárez. On the third Monday of March, in commemoration of March 21, the birthday of the Benemérito de las Américas, Natalicio de Benito Juárez, former president of Mexico (January 15, 1858 to July 18, 1872) is celebrated. Benito Juárez lived one of the most important times in Mexico, considered by many politicians and historians as the consolidation of the nation as a Republic.
20: World Day of Happiness. It is a day proclaimed by the United Nations for the whole world to be happy. You can take advantage of this day to address your audience with a discount.
22: World Water Day. Beginning of spring. If your sales have not been as expected, it is a good time for new promotions with the help of a more spring design.
4.- April 2020

1: Book Day.
2: World Earth Day.
26: World Intellectual Property Day.
23: Book Day. Key date for those companies dedicated to selling books because it is a day where they are usually given away. And because of this, they expect a big increase in their sales.
27: Graphic Designer's Day. On this day, an attempt is made to promote the importance of the graphic designer in today's society and in the market. Prepare content to show the design team that makes up your organization in your 2020 digital marketing calendar for Mexico.
29: International Dance Day.
30: Children's Day.
5.- May 2020

1: Worker's Day.
3: Mother's Day. One of the most important dates in this month. Your company must plan a good strategy and carry it out in advance. And in this way, being able to meet the objectives and established sales.
4: World Star Wars Day. This day was born thanks to a publication in the London Evening News where they congratulated Margaret Thatcher with the phrase “ May the 4th Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations ”for becoming Prime Minister of the country. This was a pun on the phrase " May the force be with you ."
5: May 5. This is a significant date in the history of Mexico as the Battle of Puebla took place, which marked the victory of the forces of the Mexican Army commanded by Benito Juárez. The Mexican president from 1858 to 1872 fought against one of the most powerful and capable: the French power led by Emperor Napoleon III Bonaparte. It is the day to get the most out of your 2020 marketing calendar with Mexican pride.
10: Mother's Day.
23: End of Ramadan.
25: World Geek Pride Day. It is a day to promote geek culture in which lovers of video games, comics and manga take to the streets to claim their tastes.
30: Final of the Champions League.
6.- June 2020

5: World Environment Day. Take advantage of this day to show the greener side of your project or organization. If you dedicate yourself to the gastronomic area, tell the story behind each organic dish and how you make possible kinder spaces with all living beings, even the land where you grow your inputs.
7: World Chocolate Ice Cream Day: Valid for shopping centers, cultural spaces e. even personal brands.
18: International Sushi Day.
20: Beginning of summer . Essential in your Marketing strategy! Colors, tropical trends and music could be the center of your narrative strategy based on the 2020 Mexico marketing calendar.
20: Refugee Day.
20: Yellow Day.
21: Father's Day , because they also have their little heart. It could well be an appropriate space to propose a groundbreaking strategy in which you highlight the role of parents in the face of new masculinities.
24: Saint John's Day.
27 to 19: Tour de France : Storytelling is the king of sports competitions. In addition, within the scale of reasons why social networks are used, following sports activities is gaining space, in fourth place.
28: LGBTIQ Pride Day. If you link it with last Father's Day you can create a super rebellious and transgressive strategy for the month of June.
7.- July 2020

1: Start of the summer sales.
3: World Day Free of Plastic Bags.
13: Federal Police Day.
16: Guelaguetza Day.
17: World Emoji Day.
17 - 26: Tomorrowland.
21: World Dog Day.
23: San Diego Comic Con.
23: Start of Olympics. Tokyo 2020.
26: Grandparents' Day.
8.- August 2020

1: World Day of Joy.
7: World Beer Day.
8: World Cat Day.
8: World Female Orgasm Day.
9: Closing of the Olympics. Tokyo 2020: In times of Coronavirus, how about a campaign to spread the virus of teamwork?
12: World Youth Day.
13: International Lefty Day.
19: World Photography Day. This is an amazing day to highlight the work of your visual area team. Because, what would your campaigns be if there were no photographers?
23: World Hashtag Day. #Don't #Let #Pass #This #Day #In #Voin.
29: World Gamer Day.
9.- September 2020

12: Computer Programmer's Day.
15: Scream of Dolores.
15: World Democracy Day.
16: Independence Day of Mexico.
16: Guacamole Day.
21: World Day of Peace.
22: Beginning of Autumn.
22: World Car Free Day.
25: World Comic Day.
27: World Tourism Day. This day involves all those who feel the pride of being Mexican. If you could show your story in Mexico, what would you tell? Take advantage of this day to show your history of the country.
10.- October 2020

1: World Coffee Day.
4: Animal Day.
5: Teachers' Day.
6: 10th anniversary of Instagram.
12: Columbus Day.
31: Day of the Cities.
31: Halloween.
11.- November 2020

1: World Vegan Day
1: All Saints Day
2: Day of the Dead
13 - 16: The Good End.
20: Day of the Mexican Revolution
25: Day Against Gender Violence.
30: Influencer Day. Good day to talk about the real influences that have motivated your business.
12.- December 2020

1: Day of the Fight against AIDS.
3: World Day of Persons with Disabilities.
12: Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
24 - 25: Christmas Eve and Christmas.
28: Day of the Holy Innocents.
31: New Years Eve.
Are you already clear about the dates of the 2020 Mexico Marketing Calendar that affect you the most? At Antevenio we want to help you. To do this , we have created this infographic to help you improve your digital marketing strategies and stay ahead of events to achieve guarantees of success.

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