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[Off-Topic] Online educational content: why they are trending

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Posted on 10/17/20 10:12:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In recent years, the implementation of online educational content has been adopted by a greater number of organizations and industries. According to data reported by the World Economic Forum, even before COVID-19, there was already a high growth of online educational content as well as a strong investment in education technology.
Some of these technologies include language applications, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, or online learning software . This has made it possible to project that  the general market for online education and online educational content will continue to grow in the coming years . In fact, it is estimated that by 2025 investment in this sector will reach $ 350 billion.
Why does online educational content work?

The answer could be as simple as that they add value in terms of content marketing, but the reason goes a little further. It has to do with the ability to nurture another with knowledge. It invites you to continue building yourself as a person based on what is provided in online educational content. Well, learning is the foundation on which societies build their future. A better, fairer future.
Being aware of this invites you to rethink the objective of the content strategy. Well, it is no secret to anyone that confinement due to the crisis turned out to be a turning point for education in the most universal sense.
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In response, students, parents and educators are looking for educational content online to instruct and entertain at the same time. Contents ranging from live stream daily lessons and math tutorials, to lesson planning tips promoted by experienced homeschoolers.
According to exclusive figures from YouTube , searches based on online educational content using keywords such as 'homeschooling' or 'home school' have increased more than 120% globally since March 13, 2020 . Which means that educational and learning content is even 4 times more viewed than the platform's famous animal videos.
Online educational content is more than a trend
The formation of curious minds, the inspiration to experiment and investigate, are some of the objectives that most resonate in educational content. Which undoubtedly translates into something that is much more than a trend.
For example, one of the three reasons why people consume content in digital environments such as social networks, is the search for information on unknown or interesting topics.
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Some of the data about online educational content, according to YouTube
The second most used online content search engine in the world explains how consumers behave, regarding issues related to the education sector :

  • Around 1 million learning videos are shared every day.
  • More than 50% of learning-related videos are uploaded outside of the US.
  • There are 500 million views on YouTube of content related to education every day.

So what does all of this mean for brands and advertisers? If brands can understand how people assimilate information on YouTube, they can better engage viewers with ads and educational content.
What can brands learn from online educational content?

Here are three elements that can serve as transversal axes for the development of online educational content that can well be applied to any of your brand strategies:
A.- Lead with entertainment content that educates or " edutainment "
Being able to merge content that is as entertaining as it is educational is the success of online content creators. Think about this, we are at a time when multiscreen and inattention are the order of the day. This means that what you share in digital environments should have the ability to count in an attractive enough way for the user to decide to stay with you.
Because the what and the how never stop being important. It is what allows you to establish a true connection. If your audiences don't understand what you're telling, they don't connect, and if they don't connect, there is no reaction. Some experts point out that in a really powerful narrative, emotions must be contextualized. And this is possible thanks to the first 5 seconds of attention to the content.
This means that in 5 seconds, your content must justify why users have to pay attention to you. One strategy that can help you here is to show in these first few seconds something that you know your audience wants to see.
B.- Create specific content aimed at developing skills
Several of the fastest growing content categories on social media are related to skills development, entrepreneurship and small businesses. A tip for successful content on social networks or online platforms dedicated to developing skills is not to be afraid of defining a niche.
The reason is that niche-defined content gets more search traffic. Because audiences  seek concrete answers to specific questions . For example, instead of just creating content on how to schedule a job interview, consider posting tips on how to successfully schedule an interview for a specific type of job.
C.- Find the format in which you and your audience feel most comfortable
Whether you decide to use texts, videos , downloadable audios or animations, find the format that is most comfortable for you to express yourself. But, in addition, this must correspond to the market niche with which you feel identified.
There is no use creating content on a platform like Tik Tok if your target audience does not live in those environments. Also, if you don't feel comfortable creating inputs in formats such as video, the audience will notice. And that can translate into unfavorable returns.
What are the keys to successful online educational content?
Some research shows that, on average, students retain 25-60% more material when learning online, compared to just 8-10% in the classroom.
This is mainly because students can learn faster online. The reason is because e-learning takes 40-60% less time to assume than in a traditional classroom . Therefore, students can learn at their own pace, backing up and rereading, jumping or speeding up as needed.
However, there are still challenges to overcome. Some students without reliable access to the Internet and / or technology struggle to participate in digital learning. This gap is observed in all countries and between the income levels of their population. What challenges are online educational content creators facing?
1.- Guarantee equity
Equity is the biggest obstacle to preparing for online learning. And it is the first thing you should think about. If your audience does not have devices for everyone to study, it is extremely necessary to survey your trainers and audiences in advance to determine who will need devices and bandwidth.
During school closings, parents can also be working from home. Which means that multiple people could be competing for one or two computers .
Therefore, make sure that all online applications work on mobile devices. This guarantees access to content in the event that there is no laptop available.
2.- Audiences and trainers must know how to use the tools
Teachers, educators, and trainers must train themselves. In the same way, you must train your students in the applications and technological tools that they may need.
Everything that educates, nurtures. That is why training is so important. Many of the skills learned online will be equally beneficial in a regular classroom.
3.- Independent learning design
Keep in mind that parents may be at work or working from home and don't have time to help out much. So it is important to design a learning system that does not require a lot of support from parents who may already be overwhelmed.
4.- Don't forget the emotional cost
Consult with students and co-workers. Especially those who are less comfortable with digital tools. This way, you can recognize which ones need help or someone to talk to.
Being locked up at home can isolate and exacerbate the fear of facing a global crisis. Taking time to control feelings of anxiety is just as important as managing academics. Remember that empathy is the most basic force for community building .
The most powerful stories are those that know where they are going
Major world events are often a turning point for rapid innovation. Although we have yet to see if what happened in other economic situations will apply to e-learning after COVID-19. What is clear is that it is one of the few sectors where investment has not been exhausted.
The importance of spreading knowledge across borders, businesses and all parts of society has become clear. At Antevenio we help you project your educational content online through Branded Content strategies in relevant media.