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[Off-Topic] How to Do Interlock Human Hair Extensions

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Wearing interlock Human Hair Weave is a stress-free styling option that can also expand your fashion repertoire. Giving your Brazilian Virgin Hair a break from heated styling and chemical processing can restore strength and prevent breakage. Learning to do interlock hair extensions involves caring for your natural hair as well as properly securing the Cheap Human Hair Extensions.

1. Wash and condition your natural hair. Use a protein shampoo followed by a cholesterol conditioner for deep cleansing and strengthening. Apply a generous amount of leave-in condition and allow your hair to dry completely. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair from root to tip. Add a protective layer of oil sheen or hair grease into your hair. This adds luster and protects your hair and scalp from dryness.

2. Cornrow your natural hair into the desired pattern. Find the center of your scalp with a rat-tail comb and begin parting your hair in the desired direction. Make an additional part and cornrow your hair into place. Continue until all natural hair is braided into place. Avoid making the cornrows too thick, as this can make the finished style appear flat. Consider braiding your hair into a beehive pattern for increased styling versatility and ease of hiding the underlying cornrows.

3. Cut the extensions to the desired length using sharp hair scissors. Lay the extensions on a clean, flat surface. Although prebraided extensions are most commonly used in interlock weaving, loose hair extensions can also be used. When using loose hair extensions, care must be taken to avoid losing hair to fan circulation.

4. Secure the hair extensions onto the latch hook. Pinch the desired amount of hair extensions away from the pile. Slip the hair extensions through the loop of the interlock tool. Continue pushing the extensions through the loop until equal amounts appear on both sides. Ensure the latch is closed before attempting to attach the hair extensions. When using prebraided hair extensions, use one to two braids for each application. When using loose hair extensions, pinch a small amount of hair for each application, making adjustments for desired fullness.

5. Attach the hair extensions onto the cornrows. Slide the latch hook underneath the cornrow and unhook the latch to release it from the hair. Pull the free ends of the hair extension through the looped end of the hair extension. This should result in a small section of the cornrow being completely covered by the hair extension. Repeat this process until all cornrows are covered with hair extensions. Cut the hair extensions into the desired style.

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Join the hair augmentations onto the cornrows. Slide the lock snare underneath the cornrow and unfasten the hook to discharge it from the hair. Force the free finishes of the hair augmentation through the circled end of the hair expansion.

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