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[Off-Topic] college room andboarding fare

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Posted on 3/26/18 6:10:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Mandatory room & board at major universities for out-of-area students is nothing new, whether private or public. It's not only not new, it's a desirable part of the college experience for very young adults yearning to try their wings away from the nest. Away from home the first time, most need the protection of living on campus. 
The author complains about the cost, but unfairly only spotlights Georgetown, while skipping over Howard U, American U, George Washington U, and Univ of Maryland. She also did not take a few hours to dine at the school cafeterias. GU, for example, has an amazing selection of meals on a daily basis. She did not mention the hospitals located and affiliated with GU, GWU, or HU so that if a student gets sick, help is right there. Then there are the on-campus clubs and organizations which students can easily immerse themselves. Living on campus is much safer from the crime that plagues this area. Transportation is easily accessible. Opportunities to do research abound. Generous scholarships based on financial need are available, particularly at Georgetown, which can afford to be far more generous than Howard. All of our local universities also have campus jobs for students, which usually pay more than minimum wage. 
I as the essay typer suspect this article is as much about a class issue as anything. The middle class has been shrinking for over a decade. Nearly everything is more expensive,a nd the professors and staff aren't working for free. And tell us, please, where a brand new, out of area freshman or sophomore is supposed to find affordable rent in a low crime zip code. Not many of those in DC, not anymore.