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[Event] FIFA Online 3: 3 latest World Best cards will land in Vietnam later this month 2

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Posted on 10/12/18 12:42:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

And recently, fanpage of FIFA Online 3 Vietnam has officially "nhac" the first image of the new World Best. With a simple question: How many people understand the meaning of the picture consists of FIFA 19 Coins 2 SS14T players Pogba, Neymar and Luka Modric SS08E. Immediately the community immediately guessed they are the World Best will be updated in the coming time.

At the time of update, FIFA Online 3 Vietnam has not yet released official information. However, it is likely that at the end of April FIFA Online 3 Southeast Asia will have a small update to Buy FUT 19 Coins add new features as well as these new World Best cards.