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If there's 1 thing I enjoy in Diablo over Path of Exile, it's the Necromancer and his army of undead. While Path of Exile does have summoning, it has never felt as gratifying, but Ghazzy's build comes pretty damn close.This Skeleton Summoner is a complex build which depends on a cheap special called The Baron in addition to 2 unique gems known as Dead Reckoning to muster to eight skeletal mages that will then slaughter enemies to you.
That is an intimidating barrier for new Path of Exile players, but this construct is also versatile enough that you are able to get with melee skeletons and even zombies while you level and scrounge up the required money. If you are unfamiliar with summoning assembles, this path of exile currency  one might take a little researching before you realize how all of its abilities and passive abilities work together. Luckily, Ghazzy has a great guide that breaks down how it works.
Defensively, you do not have to fret too much as a result of your skeletons behaving as a big and very distracting meat shield for the majority of enemies. You will also be picking up a bunch of increase HP nodes from the passive tree, giving you a sizable HP pool to soak any harm that sneaks through your wall of skeleton mages.
Sunder has among the most popular skills for league beginner builds. While it is not overly showy, it's reliable and scales well all the way to endPOE game content. Better yet, it is a dirt cheap build that nearly everyone can master. That said the Path of Exile forums are full of  poe currency dozens of variations you can followalong with and all of them are fairly great. I chose WorstSmitesEU's guide because it is thorough and takes time to explain the basics and has a good base that you may always adjust to match other Duelist-style Sunder builds.

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