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[Event] Madden 18's GOAT Edition Out Now On PS4 And Xbox One

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Posted on 8/9/18 8:31:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

If you're ready to pay extra, you could start playing Madden NFL Mobile Coins at this time on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The game's GOAT Edition ($80/£80/$120 AU) launched today, August 22, multiple days ahead in the game's official release on August 25.
The GOAT Edition comes having a number of digital extras, in addition towards the benefit of early access. You get seven Madden Ultimate Team Squad Packs, one Elite-level GOAT Player, 2,500 contracts, then one MUT Uniform Pack. Those who pre-order perhaps the standard edition will receive the Elite player and five Squad Packs.
Madden NFL 18 may be playable on Xbox One for EA Access members since August 17 within a 10-hour trial.
GameSpot's Cheap Madden NFL Mobile Coins review scored the pro football game a 9/10. Reviewer Alex Newhouse said, "It can be a marked improvement during the last several entries within the series."
In addition to some nice visual boost through the franchise's first-ever use on the Frostbite Engine, Madden NFL 18 introduces an account mode called Longshot that has Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali.

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