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[Event] Digimon Masters Online Celebrates Their 2nd Anniversary

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Posted on 7/11/18 10:19:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Digimon Masters Online! Joymax’s personal Digimon MMO/RPG game prefers it’s second year and it a special “Mega Sale” just been launched throughout the team behind the adventure. Tamers will probably be getting a whole several awesome gifts in-game Digimon Masters Online Gold which will not only make it easier to on your adventure and often will assist you to take a look stylish since you beat down your rivals. The biggest by far the most effective give-away item are gonna be a few piece EXP Amplification Booster 1000%! This is a very incredible item and you will probably see straight away why it’s one in the most popular in-game items boating.
That particular item is going to be given away inside 24th of September. This sale could have all items’ prices slashed to 30% off so Tamers and Players should make their way towards the Digimon Masters Online Currency to nab themselves some top-shelf Digital Boosters. The Mega Sale starts today and might be running for your month, it'll end regarding the 22nd of October consider getting in now when you're able to and reap the benefits with this particular huge give-away! Head here a subscription to Digimon Masters Online to be able to continue playing and as well to grab your loot!

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