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[Event] Fortnite is currently more popular on Twitch than PUBG

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Posted on 7/10/18 8:17:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Who saw this blog coming? Fortnite has officially pushed past PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with regards to games which get the most playtime on Twitch. That’s in line with SullyGnome, which tracks  streamtime for big free online games. Fortnite Materials is actually topping PUBG in volume of streams, amount of channels streaming, time streamed, and volume of daily viewers as Fortnite continues its climb – and  PUBG falls.
Worth mentioning, however, is always that the Fortnite community is almost skeptical in regards to the sudden boom. As Polygon explored yesterday, some streamers and watchers debate that multiple Fortnite- centric channels are visiting a spike in Twitch Prime subs from “compromised accounts and bots” due to Epic’s current skin promotion, where Twitch provides an exclusive. It’s possible  the spike in viewers and viewtime for the overall game are related.
In other Fortnite Weapons news, Epic says it’s “implementing bringing parity to your control schemes” relating to the PvP battle royale and PvE Save the World modes.

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