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[Event] Moonlight Blade - How to try out on a Korean server

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Posted on 6/11/18 9:57:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Open beta testing with the Korean version from the MMORPG Moonlight Blade begins on January 25. Therefore, we chose to prepare an exclusive guide to suit your needs, due to Tera Gold which you are able to evaluate the game in person.
You have to get out in case you need to work with VPN, where you can download the overall game client, can it be difficult to receive a Nexon account, what makes the launcher work, in the event the character editor is going to be available, which classes will probably be able to experience, and whether you are able to write your nickname in English.
Read "How to play about the Korean server"
"To start out with, you need a normal verified account from your Korean Nexon system (as an example, in case you played the Korean version of Cheap Tera Gold, then you definately already have it). Alas, so how and best places to get it, you must decide to suit your needs, but it truly is quite difficult, because from the need to get a Korean cellular phone to confirm age. "

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