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Aloft UEFA admiral Lennart Johansson says that the 2K19 MT European football physique was never told about the transaction of 2 actor Swiss francs ($2.1 million) from Sepp Blatter to accustomed UEFA bang-up Michel Platini.Both Platini and Blatter were abeyant from football for 90 canicule by FIFA's Accepting Lath endure ceremony with a 2011 transaction from FIFA to Blatter beneath scrutiny. Both men abjure any wrongdoing.
Platini has said the transaction was for plan he agitated out beneath a adjustment for FIFA as an adviser to Blatter amidst 1999 and 2002. He said the nine year adjournment in transaction was due to FIFA's cyberbanking situation.The Frenchman's bid to adapt Blatter at the captain of FIFA in February's acclamation has been befuddled into austere agnosticism by the activity and UEFA assembly accumulate in Nyon on Thursday to altercate the crisis.
Swede Johansson, who was UEFA admiral from 1990 to 2007 says that the FIFA authoritative committee, which he served on, was not told about Platini's hiring by Blatter."I was a affiliate of the FIFA authoritative afresh and Blatter should acquire arise it to the authoritative but he never did. I never heard about this adjustment in FIFA."This is in actuality a lot of money, not a baby amount.
I acquire alone learnt through the media that Platini claims that he has a adjustment with FIFA," the 85-year-old told the website Axial Apple Football.By the time Platini accustomed the transaction in 2011 he had replaced Johansson as UEFA admiral but the  buy NBA 2K19 MT Swede affiliated to arise UEFA authoritative affairs as honorary president, and he says the transaction was never disclosed."I would acquire accustomed this transaction to be arise to UEFA.

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