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[Guides] YouTube SEO: How to optimize our videos?

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Posted on 3/24/20 3:44:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

[justify]Video optimization (SEO) or SEO YouTube is becoming more and more popular today as video content is expanding and people are reading less text.
YouTube has great video-streaming services to help you showcase your videos better.
YouTube video optimization is seen not only in the YouTube search engine but also in search engines like Google and Bing, increasing the number of your video views on YouTube and attracting many users.

Learn to work with YouTube
Impact of video optimization (SEO)
Users always enjoy videos and don't get tired of communicating much better with what is said, and the business market is stagnating, and a new life has emerged.
Videos are easily accessible around the world and are accessible to many people.
There are now a lot of videos releasing daily from their lives and other issues, but how should we rank amongst the bulk of this video content?

YouTube Settings:
Early SEO YouTube Videos
In the usual YouTube settings, you can add captions, descriptions and tags for your videos, add a thumbnail, and then add them to the playlist. The above may be elementary but may help your audience get a better feel.
Video title on YouTube
Use video related and targeted keywords organic traffic in your job title to match the search for users and get a better search. Don't Worry About Adding Your Brand Name to the Video Title It's No Problem Usually the channel name is their brand name. You can use up to 1 to 2 characters (plus free space) in the title so you have the best choice of title. Of course, YouTube also allows up to 2 characters, but depending on the type of display, Shows the characters.
Video description on YouTube
As with the title, your video description should also include keywords because the first thing that will be seen in the eyes of the users is the title and description of the video.
Keep in mind that you are writing a description of your video and do not go out of your way to make it your own ad. You can say more about the video than you can but try not to overdo it and the description will not last long. In essence you should write a comment about the content of the video to make the user feel that the video is what he was looking for.
Video description should include a source and should be linked to a brand or page. Try to include a link or two or even more links in the video description that should be valuable and relevant to the video.

Tips for writing better descriptions:

  • Write a 1-5 sentence description.
  • Add at least 1 link.
  • Up to 2 characters (including free space).
  • YouTube also allows up to 4 characters to be written, but it's not necessary to use all this space.

Tags on YouTube
Most tags are used to categorize videos. Use tags that contain relevant keywords, otherwise the use of irrelevant tags avoids users.
The important thing is that the tags will help your search engines, especially Google, better understand the subject and content of your video.

Thumbnail on YouTube
Use an attractive image and your image will be fixed so that it can increase your click-through rate Do not use other people's images and select the relevant image.
YouTube playlist
Use the playlist for your videos to get a better view Playlist helps the user to list your videos and not be confused.
Ability to translate videos on YouTube
YouTube has the capability to translate video into subtitles. If you have produced content and want it internationally, you should translate it into English.
Advanced YouTube Video Settings
Some of these settings may seem logical and applicable, and others are not up to you.
The comments below are very important in the videos and you can enable or disable them in advanced settings.
But disabling it will hit your videos a lot because the comments are about the quality of the video.
The right to share
You can enable or disable video starring feature bloggers and many others can post it on their website. 
This is an advantage, and the number of video views you have increased is recommended.
Age limit
Video should not be age-restricted unless the content is specific and not accessible to everyone, according to YouTube.
When this feature is enabled, all users must be over 2 years of age in order to view the video.

Be sure to put the video in the relevant category so that it looks better if you do not use the associated tag.
Collective participation
This will allow users to translate captions, descriptions and subtitles, so you might not want to enable this option.
Video display statistics
This option does not affect the video display only shows the video viewing statistics to users who are active in the initial state.
Of course, a positive feature can change the opinion of users, and high video statistics can be reassuring to other users.
Double optimization for video
In addition to the things mentioned above in the video itself, you need to keep in mind that the effectiveness will double.
Call to action in the video
The impact of interactive videos is much more than videos that end without a call. You have to guide the users to the next steps and invite them to action. Make the most of them and buy YouTube web traffic to attract new prospects and customers to your website or blog.  Everyone shops online these days .... help increase the odds of them buying with you! Check this video about web traffic:[/justify]